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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Electricityscape Art Book by John Pescoran

ELECTRICITYSCAPE is a fun, vibrantly colorful and electrifying storyebook written and illustrated by surreal pop artist, John Pescoran! Every page brims with Pescoran's signature style of luminous surreal pop art and is also told in a manic and delightful way only John Pescoran can truly deliver!  

STORY: With the awakening of sweet melodies in his head, Andreas obeys the jingling of music and goes on a journey fueled by friends, booze, pizza and luminous magic the city by the bay always seems to be emitting. Booze, pizza and friends lead Andreas' way, but it is the sweet melodies of music that lead Andreas' mind astray . . . 

ELECTRICITYSCAPE is an enjoyable and highly imaginative ebook filled with over 33 color illustrations! This REDUX DELUXE edition features super-enhanced artwork and 4 extra illustrations straight from John Pescoran's art collection! Make sure to get your hands on this work of wonderful Surreal Pop Art right away! Purchase ELECTRICITYSCAPE for $5.99 !

 Also Available 

 Purchase: Electricityscape: Surreal Pop Special Edition 
(Available as Paperback or eBook)

Extra Art · Revised Text · Enhanced Colors · Deluxe Edition · Bonus Material

  • This is the definitive Super-Ultra Mega Surreal Pop version of John Pescoran’s, ELECTRICITYSCAPE. This new eBook version is fully loaded with too much extras and super-enhanced art & super-fun, weirded-out type!
  • This awesomely enhanced & jam-packed version of ELETRICITYSCAPE is sure to leave a very surreal and nutty pop impression on your mind!
  • The Story: Follow Andrea’s as he bypasses attending art school in favor of the sweet melodies that jingle, jangle inside his nutty head. With music leading his way and shaping his day, Andreas soon finds too much fun in the company of booze, friends, city life, and, of course, music!
  • Sit down, Relax & Hold on for dear life as John Pescoran’s ELECTRICITYSCAPE treats your brain to a Surreal Pop world unlike any other!

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